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Typical products of Lake Garda

A unique feature of Italy is that each region can be distinguished by its own local attractions, culture, history and cuisine, landscapes and dialects.

Local products are the treasure of each region, a testament to the past and the surrounding geography. Touring and visiting Italy also means taking a food and wine tour, tasting local specialities and learning about them.

Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil
Garda olive oil is produced from a native variety of olives, the Casaliva. This is the olive crop found at the northernmost latitude of the world: Lake Garda may be on the slopes of the Alps, but its microclimate is typically Mediterranean. This makes Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil a unique and unmistakable oil with a light fruity aftertaste, widely used in local dishes.

The lemon groves on the lake are splendid greenhouse gardens that enrich and decorate the banks; white walls that climb the mountain, in total harmony with the environment, lending a Mediterranean touch to the area. Limone sul Garda takes its name from the many lemon groves, but it also boasts a special record: some of the oldest people in Italy live here... perhaps it's the vitamin C in the lemons that keeps the inhabitants so healthy?


Just think... vine-growing in the Lake Garda region dates back to the Bronze Age! We know this thanks to what we have learnt from discoveries at the prehistoric sites of Peschiera, Pacengo, Cisano and Bardolino. Lake Garda's mild climate helps the vines to grow, as the winter temperatures never drop too low.

Lake Garda's most famous wine is undoubtedly the Bardolino, an easy-to-drink red wine, fragrant and not too full-bodied. There's an interesting "Chiaretto" rosé version available, excellent for an aperitif and as an accompaniment to fish dishes, white meat or fried food.

The Truffle

From a gastronomic point of view, this underground fungus is as rare as it is excellent. In the Garda area, you can taste both black and white truffles. Their unmistakable aroma and taste make them an excellent ingredient to give dishes that extra touch.

Lake Garda boasts a great variety of edible fish: sardine, carp, pike, perch, tench and trout. Fishing is widely practised by locals, and you will find many typical fish-based dishes. Among the absolutely unmissable recipes, we recommend Lake Garda pike with sauce, Lake Garda sardines in saor and pan-fried perch fillet.
The "love knot" from Valeggio

Special tortellini are the symbol of the love story between a commander and a nymph.
Handmade individually using a thin sheet of pasta and a delicate meat filling, they are a must at any party or family gathering. You can eat them in melted butter with sage or in a bowl of broth at one of the many restaurants in the village, or buy them in the numerous pasta shops.

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