Sport and Fun

A wide choice for sports lovers

Getting bored at Birkelt Village is truly impossible! Every day will be an experience to remember.

The Müllerthal region where Birkelt Village is located is a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts: between walks and bike rides, you won't stand still for a moment!

Inside Birkelt Village, you will find a multipurpose field with a synthetic grass turf that can be used as a football and basketball ; a beach volleyball court is also available and there are various ping pong tables.

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Age is no barrier to fun at Birkelt Village! Children will never have time to get bored, thanks to the many activities...

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Restaurant and market

The village restaurant offers delicious dishes inspired by Italian cuisine. You can dine outdoors on the large terrace,...

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Water park

The first thing you'll notice when you arrive at the campsite is the large dome under which the main swimming pool is...

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